• Ramp's Slack Integration
    Product Manager & Designer / May 2020 to Aug 2020
    All your company spend – in Slack. As the PM & designer, I led a team of 3 to build Ramp's Slack integration from idea to launch in less than 3 months.
    Designer & Developer / Winter 2019 to Present is the easiest way to find paid design opportunities and resources to kickstart your design career. Used by 10,000+ design students monthly.
  • Hub (Hackathon Winner)
    Designer / Apr 2020
    Hub is an internal social network integrated with Slack. Won prizes from Unusual Ventures and Village Global.
  • COP (YC Hackathon Finalist)
    Designer / Nov 2019
    COP helps you track prices for any item on the Internet. Built from scratch in 24 hours and pitched as finalists at the Y Combinator Nov Hackathon.
  • IDK App
    Product Manager & Designer / Fall 2019
    IDK helps people make better decisions with friends through fun, quick, and easy polls. I designed the app from scratch and worked with 3 engineers. Launched in November 2019 on the App Store.
  • Facebook Groups
    Product Design Intern / Summer 2019
    I designed for Facebook Groups, Admins team. I redesigned and shipped new workflows to increase admin efficiency for the new I created a design system to standardize admin actions and shipped code to fix UI inconsistencies across Groups. Lastly, I redesigned the Keyword Alerts feature that launched globally in Dec 2019.
  • Facebook Marketplace
    Product Design Intern / Summer 2018
    I designed for Facebook's e-commerce platform, Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups team. I led the cross-functional design process for an end-to-end experience to help buyers discover products in their communities.
  • Pixelcode
    Co-founder, CEO / Nov 2017 to May 2018
    Pixelcode is a developer tool that instantly transforms Sketch designs into industry standard Swift code. Finalists at the 2018 Princeton TigerLaunch and Cornell Big Idea pitch competitions.