Hello 👋 I'm TK, a product designer at Ramp in NYC. I've built products at Facebook (2x), Italic, NTWRK, Mantl, and others. Find me on Twitter.

Product Manager & Designer / Fall 2019
IDK helps people make better decisions with friends through fun, quick, and easy polls. I designed the app from scratch and worked with 3 developers. Launched in November 2019 on the App Store.
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COP - YC Hackathon Finalist
Designer / Nov 2019
COP helps you track prices for any item on the Internet. Existing solutions only offer price tracking for limited retailers. We built this from scratch in 24 hours and pitched as finalists at the Y Combinator Nov Hackathon.
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Facebook Groups
Product Design Intern / Summer 2019
I designed for Facebook Groups, Leaders (Admins) team.
I redesigned and shipped new workflows to increase admin efficiency for the new facebook.com. I created a design system to standardize admin actions and shipped code to fix UI inconsistencies across Groups. Lastly, I redesigned the Keyword Alerts feature to increase retention, decrease violating content views, and address global launch blockers.
If you would like to learn more, please contact me.
Facebook Marketplace
Product Design Intern / Summer 2018
I designed for Facebook's e-commerce platform, Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups team.
I led the cross-functional design process for an end-to-end experience to help buyers discover products in their communities.
If you would like to learn more, please contact me.
Product Manager & Designer / Fall 2018
Eatery is the dining app for Cornell that enables students to browse menus, discover places to eat on and off campus, and check their meal balances. Currently has 3,000 daily active and 6,500 monthly active users.
As the product manager, I worked with developers to launch the Android version (90% crash-free), integrate backend, and partner with Cornell Dining. As a designer, I redesigned our visual system, user-researched over 100 students, and created prototypes for user testing.
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Designer & Developer / Winter 2019
interns.design is the easiest way to find internships and resources to kickstart your design career. I developed the site in React.
Currently has over 11K unique visitors, 1,200 subscribers, and 46K clicks.
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Co-founder, CEO / Winter 2018
Pixelcode is a web-based tool that instantly transforms designs into industry standard Swift code. As the CEO, I designed the user experience and interface for the web application, and managed business operations.
Finalists at 2018 Princeton's TigerLaunch and Cornell's Big Idea pitch competitions.
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Mantl (Techstars '16)
Product Design Intern / Summer 2017
I redesigned the on-boarding flow that increased sign-ups by 3x. I also created a comprehensive style guide with the front-end developer to maintain consistency in components. Simultaneously, I researched and designed features for a scalable mobile banking application.
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Instagram Communities Concept
Concept UI UX Case Study
I completed a concept case study that focused on connecting people with common interests through communities on Instagram.
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You can find me elsewhere on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Medium.
Working on a new project? I would love to learn more! Email me at tk@tkkong.com.