About 👋
My name is TK and I am a Product Designer at Ramp in NYC. In my free time, I like to work on side projects and play sports (volleyball, soccer, spikeball, snowboard). I was born in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷, lived in London, Ontario 🇨🇦, and moved to NYC 🇺🇸 in 2011.
Projects ⚡️
  • Designer @ Hub (Internal Social Network for Teams)
  • Designer @ IDK App (Social Polling with Friends)
  • Designer & Developer @ interns.design (Design Internships and Resources)
Past 💥
Education 🎓
  • B.S. Information Science, Systems, and Technology @ Cornell Engineering (2016 - 2019)
  • Stuyvesant High School (2012 - 2016)
Are you building something? I would love to chat! Shoot me an email at tk@tkkong.com :)
You can find me elsewhere on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Medium.